Here at The Gym Designer we offer impartial advice for fitness professionals who require assistance when it comes to gym design for their gym or health club.

If you’re branching out from your day to day job and looking at setting up your own personal training studio, gym or health club and need advice for your project, look no further.

Over the last 15 years, members of our team have worked hard to offer innovative solutions to meet customers’ demands when considering location, premises, concepts, feel and atmosphere of their dream facility.

Our team have created excellent relationships with a vast array of key suppliers in the leisure industry that enable our consultancy to supply the best products and services at the best possible prices.

Your choice to team up with The Gym Designer will not only save you money but will help you focus on what’s really important – that’s creating your dream facility and launch it with a fantastic number of members.


The Gym Designer specialise in quality gym design for all aspects of your personal training studio, gym or health club. We have the experience and expertise to look at your demographics, latent demand and target market to ensure the design stage is accurate so that the basis of your business meets with the goal of revenue, profit and number of members.

The consultancy stage of our service enables us to build a picture of what you want to achieve in your new venture. As part of the service, The Gym Designer team supply a comprehensive solution including 2D and 3D design.

We create the visuals so you can see what your club could look like before a brick is laid or wall is painted.

Further down the line, the 3D visuals are very handy for marketing during the pre-sale period to show prospective members what the club will look like. We can also supply 3D fly-through videos to give the wow factor you really desire – your prospective members will not be able to turn you down!





From all aspects of architectural design, quantity surveying and construction, The Gym Designer have teamed up with a highly experienced partner to deliver build & design services.


The Gym Designer works with all of the major fitness equipment suppliers and receives preferential rates for our customers. All items from mainstream products such as cardio and strength machines to ancillaries, i.e. free-weights.


Whether you are looking to upgrade your changing rooms or start a project from scratch, we can assist with the design and supply of your changing rooms. High quality lockers, locks, bench seating and other washroom products can be supplied via our official partner.


Receive the best advice regarding the most up to date trends around the globe. With the addition of our preferred suppliers, we can supply the best products and bespoke functional rigs on the market.


Innovative fitness platforms connect the fitness industry with its members. Features such as online exercise plans and health stats tracking helps you to give them the support they deserve, while online bookings and payments make it easier for members to access your services.


Bespoke gym promotions can make a big difference to your monthly intake of members. We can offer great solutions to help you create some of the most innovative adverts for in-club and on for your social media platforms.


It’s well known that ambient music and subliminal audio advertising can make a huge difference to secondary spend when members are exercising. We have the perfect partner who can give your club the professional edge in quality music and a built-in advertising platform via your very own bespoke radio station.


Whether you are buying top spec cardio equipment with touch screen TV’s or require large TV’s on the wall for entertaining your members, you’ll need a partner who can offer great advice and offer a bespoke audio visual infrastructure. Our partner can ensure your facility receives the best commercial system for your requirements.


The Gym Designer has teamed up with a highly experienced company who can place a team in your club for a given period to drive new members to boost the tally. They will focus on all routes of marketing to attract interest in your club and convert into new members at a minimal cost to you.


Bespoke training courses will enable your team to become more successful, motivated and confident – bringing you a professional edge and hundreds of new members for your club. Courses include sales, operational and management training to ensure your staff are kept ahead of the game.


Free up cashflow by considering leasing your tangible assets for your facility. By leasing, you can spread your costs over a flexible period and pay monthly. The added benefit of 100% tax relief throughout the term will help your balance sheet no-end.


Providing a specialist and efficient service collecting direct debit payments for thousands of their customers. This enables their clients to maximise income and reduce the strain on in-house administration resources, therefore, leaving them free to concentrate on core business interests.


Top innovation and products that fit numerous sports usages amongst a large number of colours and effects. While maintaining the technical performance and the design aspect of the products, our partner can supply exactly what you need for your new or existing facility.


With over 20 years experience in developing brands, our branding partner can create a unique and dynamic identity for your club and then devise a roll-out program to deliver it across all collateral including; logo development, bespoke website, marketing materials, signage, staff uniforms, promotional clothing, all types of promotional items and any other marcomms needed.


It’s imperative that your gym’s electricity, gas and water contracts are competitive, accurate and reflective of your needs. Our award winning energy partner will negotiate the best deals having access to over 26 suppliers and an understanding of the energy market that is second to none. A utility specialist your business can trust, they have a proven track record of identifying billing errors, unreasonable contract rates and uncompetitive energy contracts yielding significant savings for clients.


Offer the latest in technology for of virtual class in your studio. Make sure your quiet times are no longer quiet. Install a virtual fitness platform in your studio so your members can access hundreds of classes at a touch of a button. This will not replace your instruction but it’ll enhance your timetable by offering classes 24/7!


Fitness and wellness management expertise are an essential asset when looking to appoint an operator to run your facility. We have a fantastic partner who can offer an expert understanding of health club management and operations. They can offer flexible solutions that involves investment in your facilities.


Benefit by renting gym equipment and have the flexibility to swap in and out equipment anytime to ensure you have the optimal amount of equipment at all times and to ensure you keep ahead of the trends in the industry and demands of the members.


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